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If you have had a cornea transplant or will need to have one some time in the future, this website is for you.

Cornea transplants are required for a number of corneal diseases and variety of other reasons. Before and after transplant, you will need ongoing information and support.
You do not need to go through the cornea transplant surgery and recovery alone. This community of cornea transplant patients helps each other every day.

Our members have cornea transplants for many different reasons including injury and disease. but we all have the recovery process in common. Please join us and share your story. Our membership includes all types of transplants including artificial corneas.


If you need to have a cornea transplant for any reason, join the Cornea Transplant group.

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If you have Fuchs' Dystophy, the Fuchs Friends group is where you will find thousands of other people like you.

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